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Lisa is a 49 year old woman who was sexually molested by her mother’s boyfriend at age 11 and has been single most of her life. In and around the Snow & Puck Dream, she was reading many “attract health, wealth and happiness” types of books and videos. She also rarely remembers her dreams.

Snow Puck Feb, 19, 2019

There’s a snowbank. I was uncovering all kinds of things about myself. There was an old car there. I was listening to this recording but I could also physically see my phone. At one point I was shovelling the snow and uncovering all of these things.There were these things that were black… they looked like hockey pucks but they had a chevron shape on top. As I was discovering these things they would appear and then they would dismantle themselves. I could see that out of the corner of my eye. It was like bugs that were programed to be there

But when I went back to the snow, it was back to being a clear straight line (it looked like it did before I shovelled). I knew I was onto something!

And then I could see my phone on top of my speaker. Someone was with me. It may have been a spiritual guide or Daniel Scranton (a channeler). But then I found this other phone which was a bit smaller.  

I then saw a big TV screen that opened up. When I looked at it, it was scary. I think it was Daniel Scranton’s face. At first, I was scared but then I said to myself “don’t be scared, this is showing me something.” I saw people being strapped to moving objects. They were moving quickly through time and space but they were not aware of it. They were not feeling the feeling. There is an old person…  an old woman who is being strapped to a bed but she did not realize it. She was moving quickly through time.

Here is what Lisa made of this dream

I can’t expect to just listen and watch videos and audio hypnosis sessions and think it’s gonna change things. I was not actually feeling the feelings. At first, I was scared in the dream but then I thought… don’t be scared… this is showing me something important.

The message was “you have to feel the feeling” … you can’t just strap yourself to the experience of listening to a recording thinking that it’s going to change things. These people that I saw… they were being strapped down and they did not realize it.

Embodied Dreamwork

In our one-on-one session, we went back into the dream together to uncover the snow and see what was there. We saw the old car and to our surprise we discovered a woman inside! It was clear she was buried deep in the snow and Lisa was wondering how to reach her.

When we feel under resourced, we can always ask for help. It is something we very often forget to do and therefore can remain stuck in the dreamwork and in life. I asked her to consider who she wants to call into this dream scene to join us.

Lisa recruited some friends and her angel guides to help shovel the snow and pucks out of the way in order to uncover this car. Now she had a clear view of the woman sitting in the driver’s seat. She noticed the woman was very clearly sad, overweight, unhappy and not very responsive.

“Do you want to reach out to her?” I asked. Lisa confirmed, so we continued this exploration. She noticed the car window was open and with some encouragement invited the woman to join us outside. They now stood in front of each other for the first time. Lisa looked into her sad eyes. From this place, she recognized an old version of herself. Looking at her face, she saw the wounded child who had no confidence growing up all these years programmed to believe she was unworthy, unlovable, not good enough and not enough in many ways.

Lisa began to feel some compassion for this woman and hugged her. A conversation started to unfold between them. Lisa reassured the woman “we have help and things are changing.” She asked her if she was open to change? The woman responded, “it will take time but yes, I am open to change”.

“Every dream leads us to see something that was previously out of view. Julia Ray

The Heart of the Matter

“This dream offered me a way to work with a part of me that was so vulnerable and deeply buried and literally out of reach. It created room for change. It gave a voice to my willingness. With my freewill I was able to make changes in my life.

I realized that I had been attached to erroneous self-beliefs for a very long time that were no longer serving me. I had not dated anyone for a long time. In the fall of 2019, I started dating. I dated 3 nice men – one of them for a few months. It was scary but, in the end, it was a good experience.”   Lisa


Traumatic life events can sever parts of us and send them underground. These parts will often emerge later when we have enough strength to see, heal and properly integrate them back into wholeness. What’s remarkable is that our dreams will be delivering these messages to us, only when we are ready, not before.

Notice the dream did not serve the message on a platter for us. Dreams generally don’t. We had to go down the rabbit hole looking for the gold. Even though it took some clever work to reach this woman, you probably felt the readiness of the dreamer. Lisa was clearly ready to reunite with this wounded buried part of herself.

This is a great example of a dreamer who has been on a long journey of healing from childhood sexual trauma. This dream came to her now because she is capable of healing and integrating these wounded parts. Great dreamwork Lisa!

I hope you’re beginning to feel how this embodied

dreamwork connects to our waking life and

creates the potential for deep healing and real

transformation to unfold.

Dreams are continuously guiding us. All we need

to do is to be curious and devote at least a couple

of hours a month towards working on a dream

and a bit of time in between monthly sessions

to nurture and weave this new information into our life.

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