About Julia

My Story

Growing up

I have always had a connection to the great unknown.
As a child before falling asleep, my mother and I would contemplate the edge of the universe. We endlessly pondered whether there was an end? What does the end look like and what is beyond? Our imaginations flew far wondering what the edge of this ever-expanding universe looks like. I was utterly consumed by our bedtime conversations. It felt like a puzzle I wanted to solve that intrigued me endlessly.

I grew up in Belgrade Serbia on an orchard by the Danube River with my grandparents. It was a dream childhood filled with nature, freedom and endless space to roam and play. From my earliest memories, I have had a strong connection to the deeper knowing of my soul. As a child I imagined how this more consistent part of me is the real me, whereas my physical appearance would change over time. I have always looked out onto the world from this inner knowing place, hence my Serbian nickname ‘mala stara’. The little old one.

How it all began

I was an Economics graduate in my 20s when my mother was diagnosed with Meniere’s Syndrome, a progressive disease with no cure. She was given many drugs while her attacks continued to worsen disabling her from leaving the house. We scoured the medical community over a 2-year period to find some cure, but received the same answer everywhere. There is no cure. I was devastated and not ready to lose my mother. In one of these moments of desperation I heard these words that “the cure is all around them but they don’t have eyes to see”. I was moved and felt deep hope that there was a way of reducing this suffering she was imprisoned in. I felt that we just have to open our eyes and look elsewhere. Over the next full year, we tried herbs, TCM and a variety of alternative medicines until we met Dr. Christopher Sowton … a dreamworker and homeopathic doctor. I was 27 and in the embrace of the infamous Saturn return. This was a huge turning point…it was the LIGHT night of my soul.

Within 2 months of working with Dr. Sowton, my mother felt ‘some’ minor relief from her attacks. We were both wild with joy to experience this tiny shift in the right direction after numerous medical doctors firmly telling us that Meniere’s Syndrome is incurable. I decided immediately to work on my chronic asthma, which I was also told is incurable. There was nothing to lose and everything to gain.

My mother and I fully devoted ourselves to the process of working with our dreams. One dream led to another, unravelling the mystery underlying our conditions and provided us with the critical information we needed to learn more about ourselves and how to heal. Within 3 years of dedicating ourselves to this work, both of us were freed from these incurable illnesses!

19 years later, my mother is now 85 and is still free of symptoms related to Meniere’s disease.
I have been free of chronic asthma for nearly 2 decades.

Rites of Passage

Embarking on this journey of radical transformation for myself and my mother established my endless fascination with dreams and how they inform our life. I have been deeply devoted ever since to play on the creative edge of the possibilities that come from the dream world….to use it for myself and for humanity in order to expand our potential to survive, to heal and to evolve.

I began an apprenticeship with Dr. Sowton and his Dreamworking Method in 2007. I also became a pioneer in the world of free movement and dance in Toronto, Canada. Free movement became the other major love of my life when I discovered how it can liberate us from our limiting stories and beliefs. I learned how much more powerful dreamwork becomes when we employ our body in the process. I gradually grew my own body of work as I integrated more and more embodiment into Chris’s Dreamworking Methods.

Julia Ray


My Experience

Training with Dr. Christopher Sowton (2007)

500 hours of Training with Dr. Christopher Sowton
800 hours of Personal Dreamwork with Dr. Christopher Sowton
200 hours of Dream Sharing/Training Group


International Association of the Study of Dreams (IASD) Annual Conference

“Dance The Part” 2 Hr Workshop in Berkeley, CA (2013)
“Move Into Your Dream” 2 Hr Workshop in Virginia Beach, VA (2014)



200 hours of Dreamwork
50 hours of Workshops

“Julia sees the world with the beauty and the granularity of a Mandala…the way the whole is designed from a complexity of patterns, largely unconscious & unspoken. Her diving gear is always on and she loves to look beneath the waters of life to see and work with the inner structures that cause the surface conditions. Her delight is to help weave the fabric of our waking lives with our dreams and the unconscious…so we can see more and navigate well.”