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I know you’re curious about your dreams and ready to take the next step … yet you’re just not sure what the heck to do with this information. Perhaps you have worked with your dreams, but not in an embodied way. I’m happy you’re here. Welcome!

I’m going to help you make sense of these abstract, mundane, scary, bizarre or repeating dreams. We will work with your dreams to figure out how they connect to your life and what the dream is asking for.

Those who take their dreams seriously realize a couple of things. One is that there is a direct connection between your dreams and your waking life. That in and of itself is super exciting to experience! But the most profound part of dreamwork is that every dream is delivering important information that holds the potential to heal us, warn us of things to come, inspire us into our bigger story and offer us continuous guidance that we can trust.

If you’d like to work on a dream, we can do it one-on-one by phone, skype, or zoom. And, please, if due to this virus, fees are an issue, let me know and we can sort that out together.


– Julia


A great way to understand dreams is to read about the experiences of others. Join my monthly newsletters where you can read actual reports capturing how the lives of my clients are being transformed by their own dreams.

Private Sessions

The best way to understand your dreams is to work with them. If you’d like to work on a dream, we can do it one-on-one by phone, zoom or skype. I can also do zoom dreamworking sessions for small groups.

An Introduction to Dreamwork:

6-week Online Course.

Awaken Your Inner Dream Guide

You will learn how to transform the abstract stories of your dreams into profound insights.

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What people say about working with me …

“Julia has a tremendous amount of experience in working with dreams. She has a unique intuitive insight that I have rarely seen.”

“This deeply inspired work connects me with my own intuition and inner wisdom in an embodied way, a new way of knowing myself.”

“The way she weaved the process through movement, art and guiding questions created a very smoothly unfolding work, greatly widening my understanding of what dreamwork can be.”

“Working with Julia I was able to unravel and learn from a recurring nightmare I’ve had since childhood. Julia creates a safe space where I can dive deep into my dreams, listen to their messages, and learn from them.”

“Working with Julia on my dreams surprised and amazed me. It opened completely new doors for me to understand myself, to explore my unconscious mind, to better take care of myself. I see big benefits in working on my dreams and especially with Julia. She’s passionate, knowledgeable and has all the tools for you to flourish. Highly recommended!”

“Julia sees the world with the beauty and the granularity of a Mandala…the way the whole is designed from a complexity of patterns, largely unconscious & unspoken. Her diving gear is always on and she loves to look beneath the waters of life to see and work with the inner structures that cause the surface conditions. Her delight is to help weave the fabric of our waking lives with our dreams and the unconscious…so we can see more and navigate well.”

Dream Report

Dream Report

Dream Report

Your dreams are waiting for you